Coming soom!


by TS Clayton

Taken from Book 5 – Mitthsombaine.



"You have no memory of this place, do you?" the Magus asked as he lifted a hand and gestured to the surrounding trees.

"Should I?" Sasheer countered, his gaze never leaving the Magus' face. He could feel Zaileen's fingers bite into his arms as she shivered behind him.

"You have slept here, more than once," the Magus said as he moved closer, his amusement obvious.

Sasheer's brows drew down as his gaze followed the Magus, making sure to keep the Master of the Towers before him at all times. He took a step back, forcing Zaileen to move with him, needing to keep some distance between them as the Magus circled closer. He could feel the current sweep in around his feet, feel the tantalizing pull of mystical power that beckoned him to reach out and touch . . . and Sasheer clamped down on the temptation, shaking his head in denial. "No," he hissed, feeling Terrica, his newly formed Shade, tug at their connection. He would not risk her help, and he sent her into hiding.

The Magus laughed. It was a deep rumble, a wicked in sound. "Clever," he taunted. "You are developing nicely. Tanish is right about that."

Sasheer said nothing, backing up another step.

"Pity Tanish can't envision your true value. Pity he refuses to accept that you would be more useful to the Council while connected to the Seer Mechanism."

Seer Mechanism? Sasheer had no idea what the Magus was talking about and his confusion must have shown, because the Magus’ leering smile widened.

"Let me show you," the Magus said, clicking his finger to produce an image that hung in the air between them.

Sasheer blinked and stared appalled at the transparent illusion.