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by TS Clayton

Taken from Book 3: The Mind of Lichien


:What are you doing?:

:Go.  Follow Dalzere.  He will make sure you are safe.:

:Safe?  I would rather die then follow a Drow.  What idiotic plan are you now hatching?:

Soft, cool feathers caressed his cheeks and Kellen opened his eyes to find Shard in front of him.  The dragon's large silver eyes were clear for once, with no deception marring their depth, and Kellen smiled.  "Wyran would kill us all.  I can't allow that."

:You intend to sacrifice yourself?:  Shard asked, its tone sharp.  :How is that an answer?  How will that help Sasheer?  Or have you already forgotten that we have bigger problems than the fate of a few southerners on a rock of land that should have been sunk into the ocean four thousand years ago?:

"I cannot let them die," Kellen said.  "If the Southland Council is wiped out then chaos will consume the south."

:So?:  Shard shook its head, then flew in a circle before coming back to hover before Kellen.  :The Southlands do not matter.:

"Of course they matters," Kellen said aghast.  "The Mainland still has the Brethren—"

:Who will happily kill you when they learn what has happened here.  And they will find out,: Shard warned.  :Or have you conveniently forgotten that fact?:

Kellen stared at Shard, helpless.  "Then help me stop the explosion.  Or shut up."

Shard huffed, the air around the snow dragon frosting from its explosive breathe.  "You are impossible," it said at last, then vanished.